LinkedIn Rapid Development:
In 3 hours or less, what improvements would you make to the LinkedIn user experience?

Job seekers work to make their LinkedIn profiles more appealing and to connect with others. The current mobile profile offers a dense and cluttered wall of information, that is overwhelming and difficult to view on a small screen.

Do users really want to see everything that a LinkedIn profile currently displays?

The current profile takes four screens to scroll through. What of this content do users really want to see, and is it in the correct place?



Trends in a Rapid User Survey

I conducted a quick survey of nearby active LinkedIn users to find out what they value in their own and others’ profiles.  The results revealed that, across the board, people care most about job history. They want to know about current jobs on others’ profiles, but find skills and history more telling on their own. 


The Current Profile Does Not Feature the Information Users Care Most About

Looking at the current LinkedIn profile, there are a number of things that stand out as inconsistent with users’ interests as shown in the survey. Notably, the information users care about most, like job history and skills, are not immediately visible. Meanwhile, social aspects of the app receive prominent placement despite fewer than 25% of respondents looking for this information on others' profiles, and zero respondents hoping it's noticed on their own.

Design Goal:

To reorganize and redesign the LinkedIn mobile profile to emphasize users’ job history and skills.